9 Nov/10

ZendCon 2010 Slides

Unfortunately, I didn’t had the time to participate in this years ZendCon :-(. For all those of you who had the same problem: here are the slides of the talks. Nearly all of the slides are very interesting for all those of you involved in any kind of web project.

Taming the Untestable Beast
Sebastian Bergmann, Stefan Priebsch

Cloudy with a Chance of PHP
Josh Holmes, Eli White, Travis Swicegood

JavaScript for PHP Developers
Ed Finkler

Modeling Tips, Tricks and Best Practices
Ralph Schindler

Caching on the Edge
Fabien Potencier

Bad Guy For a Day – A Websecurity hands-on tutorial
Arne Blankerts

Integrating PHP with RabbitMQ
Alvaro Videla

A new approach to object persistence in PHP
Stefan Priebsch

The State of SOAP in PHP
David Zuelke

Advanced Date/Time Handling with PHP
Derick Rethans

Documents, documents, documents
Matthew Weier O’Phinney

Reusable Bootstrap Resources with Zend_Application
Hector Virgen

Web Services with PHP, Zend Framework, and IBM i
Alan Seiden

484 Days of PHP 5.3 and What Have We Done (And Learned)?
Ralph Schindler

The Doctrine Project
Jonathan Wage

Best Practices in deploying PHP applications
Shahar Evron

Unit testing after Zend Framework 1.8
Michelangelo van Dam

Technical Debt
Elizabeth Naramore

High performance PHP: Scaling and getting the most out of your infrastructure
Maurice Kherlakian

SQL Injection Myths and Fallacies
Bill Karwin

Demystifying PostgreSQL
Asher Snyder

Memcached, the Better Memcache Interface
Ilia Alshanetsky

Amazon Cloud Services with Zend Framework
Shahar Evron

PHP in a mobile ecosystem
Ivo Jansch

Why MVC is not an application architecture …
Stefan Priebsch

Ligaya Turmelle

Security 202: And you thought you’d be secure
Arne Blankerts

Desktop Apps with PHP and Titanium
Ben Ramsey

Continuous Inspection and Integration of PHP Projects
Sebastian Bergmann

Building Intelligent Search Applications with Apache Solr 1.4 and PHP5
Israel Ekpo

Why Zend Framework powers the enterprise
Michelangelo van Dam

PHP for Batch Jobs on IBM i
Alan Seiden

XML Versus the New Kids On The Block
David Zuelke

Hidden Features of PHP
Ilia Alshanetsky

Requirements: The Last Bottleneck
Bill Karwin

Introducing Zend Framework 2.0
Matthew Weier O’Phinney

Comet: By Pushing Server Data, We Push the Web Forward
Philip Ross

Improving QA on PHP development projects
Michelangelo van Dam

Building a platform from open source
Dustin Whittle

Building an enteprise level Single Sign On platform in PHP
Ivo Jansch

Anti-Spam & Anti-Gaming Tactics
Eli White

Embracing Constraints with CouchDB
David Zuelke

Grokking the REST Architectural Style
Ben Ramsey

MySQL Server Performance Tuning 101
Ligaya Turmelle

Dependency Injection
Fabien Potencier

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